Sunday, September 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Well, summer's is drawing to her end - these are the last days of summer 2010 - a time in our lives that will never be again, remember to do something memorable this week so that this turn of the season doesn't fade into nothing in the memory of your life. It doesn't need to be something supper fantastic just something you will not forget. Perhaps start a new family tradition so that each summer's end is remembered with warmth and love.

Choose one evening this week to have a backyard picnic, not a cook out but an truly old fashioned picnic with a quilt on the ground or do it up Victorian style with a lovely set up table. Prepare some of your family's favorite foods that are portable, put them in a basket with plates, cups or glasses, and cutlery and go out the back door. This is my choice this week - doing it up country Victorian style with a quilt covered table set with china and long stemmed goblets, flowers in a vase, feta & pea egg cups, garden salad, sliced plums & pears, and yeast rolls.  Go make a plan, go have fun, make a memory.

Our dinner menu this week is-
Ratatouille on polenta, seasoned greens
Feta & Pea egg cups, garden salad, plums & pears, yeast rolls
Chicken & dressing, sugared parsnips, fried green beans
veggie fried rice, egg drop soup, pineapple
scalloped potatoes with ham, fried okra, corn & peas
green chicken enchiladas, tortilla chips & salsa

Our breakfast menu this week is-
steel cut oats with raisins & walnuts (x2)
pumpkin muffins & hot cocoa (x2)
breakfast burrito
gingerbread waffles with spiced apples
toad in a hole, orange slices

Our lunches this week-
tomato basil soup with cheesy toast
mini chef salads with crackers
chicken a la king on biscuits with peas
grilled cheese sandwich, carrot & celery sticks
pastina, salad
Poorman's meal
peanut butter and jelly, apple slices

Hope you have a brilliantly blessed week.

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