Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Dragon's Tail

This morning I woke to a perfectly wonderful day that was draped in a thick vale of dragon's breath. How lucky can a girl get! My supplies in my magical cupboard are getting frightfully low and everyone knows the best hunting is done in the dragon's tail glow. Now where did I put that basket?

No, those are too small. Like a woman possessed
 I rush about the cottage.

Aw, there it is. Miss Ruby, scat and go chase mice.

With basket in had I hurry out the door to follow the beasties glow in search of many glorious delights.

Oh, my the fairy wood does look foreboding, however,
 I must keep on going.

Look,enchanted mushrooms. I must really have just a few.
These little beauties always pop up in the wake
 of the dragon's tail.
 I do hope I happen to find some dragon scales. What's that I smell? Smoke?

Hurry, hurry around the lake I must go.
 Dragon's fire makes things grow and glow.

Powdered ash of dragon's fire will cease
 even the most vicious liar.

My the woods are getting thick.

And wonders of wonders a fairy grapevine and...
Oh, it can not be...
but it is so...Banshee's tears to mend a broken heart!

As long as I'm here I'll grab a fistful or two of the
all-purpose graveyard dirt. I mean what can it hurt?

Ow, Ow stickers galore! It's a good thing I put on my boots to stomp through this prickly old grove.

What's that over there? Glittering, shiny and gold?

It's a green treasure to behold...
a dragon's scale to keep on from getting old.

But what's that sparkling beneath the leaves
 and ancient overgrowth? How curious it's a griffin's egg.

Oh, no, I've stumbled too far into this fairy wood. The creatures breath has done its magic. I must not linger any longer.

The day is almost done and I have no desire to stay
 the night in these enchanted woods.
 Must hasten, must rush, must fly back to my little domicile.

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