Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Baby Shoes

Above my computer monitor hangs a pair of ratty old leather baby shoes. You know (if your old enough) the white high top stiff leather walking shoes every baby use to wear. The sewn on leather soles show wear where a child once explored the world in wild wonder, as only a child could do.

The left shoe shows that the child probably had a problem lifting its foot properly and dragged it occasionally or was in such a whirlwind of movement that the feet couldn't keep up with the desire of doing it all. The are old with one original lace holding the pair together, like the single thread that binds the family the child may have came from. The precious gift from God that they dreamed of and prized over all things in their lives to love and protect forever. A bond that will never break - a blessed family.

This wonders hang over my work area and from time to time I glance up on them and smile knowing all the untold precious memories that they hold and symbolize for my husband and our children - A family is forever. How could a pair of ratty old leather baby shoes do this you ask. Because they are my ratty old leather baby shoes. My first pair of walking shoes that my mother and father bought though it near broke their bank. And as an only child of two of the most wonderful people - I have been truly blessed. In case you are wondering how old they really are in March I'll be 51 years old.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Are Still Here!

It's been forever since my last post. Things at our house have been hectic to say the least. Beginning December 28 I found myself flat down on my back for three weeks with the flu! Then dragged around two weeks after that with no energy. Then Collin ran through the house and stepped on a pencil and broke the lead off in his foot. Then if that wasn't enough for him he came down with the flu - the week after and so did Joseph.

Joseph ended up with the flu and infections in both ears - he was one sick puppy! This has us dragging into the first couple of weeks of February. Where did January go? Kody and darling hubby sailed through everything without a sniffle, lucky dogs.