Monday, September 27, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Hope everyone had a great first few days of autumn, we have been busy, busy, busy here.  We are doing some fall cleaning - you know - its like spring cleaning but you do it in the fall. I'm laying out plans for our next family gathering in October our yearly Halloween party. Think I finally got the boys back into the homeschooling grove for the year or at least we are giving a good impression of it.

Dinner this week will be:
red beans & rice, mixed greens salad
baked pork chops, roasted onions, carrots & butternut squash, dressing
vegetarian Irish stew, soda bread
oven roasted chicken & potatoes, braised red cabbage & apples
Parmesan talipia, scalloped potatoes, green beans
baked BBQ blackeyed peas & rice, cinnamon squash rings, seasoned greens
veggie burgers, potato salad

Sorry that's all I have down for this week. Just been busy cleaning, moving furniture, and making Halloween decorations. Hope everyone has a brilliantly blessed week.

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