Friday, September 24, 2010

Acts of Autumn

Autumn isn't a word or simply a season, but a feeling. It is a way of life - my life. I've never been able to understand the hows or whys of how this simple shift in nature affects me but I do love it. Everything seems clearer and more vibrant, its like a breath of fresh air or a total calm after a storm. For me life shifts into a season of collecting, cleaning, preparing, crafting, baking, and reflecting. But most of all knowing. Knowing that, that precious something that I have been waiting for has arrived -Autumn.

This is the time when the smell of  freshly mowed lawn will give way to the scent of woodsmoke trailing from chimneys. Iced tea gives way to a delightful cup of Earl Gray.The scent of fresh cut flowers in the home will be replaced with the smell of sage, cinnamon and the ginger of baking. Outdoor grilling will be turned inward to a pot of simmering stew on the stove top. The cat that once sat in the window sunning will now curl in front of the hearth. Nuts that were once green turn brown and fall in abundance to the earth. Sitting on the front porch in the evenings will move to the back yard around the fire pit for smores. Mornings have become dark and evenings even darker. It is the time when outdoor games give way to indoor games around the table and books are read aloud.

These are the acts of autumn that fill my life. Simple that they may be but, oh, how blessed. Because I know that, that precious something that I have been waiting for has arrived - Autumn.

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