Sunday, May 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I've noticed as the week goes on we do stick to the menu, however, the order of Monday, Tuesday is not really used. Each day I choose the breakfast because I get up before everyone else. I let the boys choose their lunch and it's generally a joint decision on what we eat for dinner. Then there are days that we eat a late breakfast so lunch isn't eaten. The boy will have a piece of fruit and a glass of milk or tea and toast to hold them over until dinner. So I'm simply going to number each meal. This helps me keep track of them and what we don't get to this week I will carry over to the next.

1. oatmeal raisin pudding, apple juice
2. waffles with syrup, banana slices & cinnamon
3. oats with chopped walnuts & figs, whole wheat toast
4. toad in a hole, banana, apple juice
5. cream of quinoa with soy milk, raisins, agave nectar & pecans, apple juice
6. cranberry granola, whole wheat toast
7. gingerbread, applesauce

1. grilled cheese, tomato basil soup, apple
2. berry protein fruit smoothie,
3. peanut butter & jelly sandwich, banana, carrot sticks
4. ramen noodles with mixed vegetables, strawberries (X2)
5. baked tomatoes with basil & mozzarella, apple, roll
6. peanut butter & jelly sandwich, orange slices, carrot & celery sticks, wasabi ranch dip

1. BBQ black-eyed peas & rice enchiladas, seasoned greens
2. fried cabbage & vegetarian Italian sausages, scalloped potatoes, glazed carrots
3. pea & feta egg cups, spinach salad, roll
4. baked beans, seasoned greens, cornbread, peaches
5. mixed vegetable fried rice, steamed broccoli
6. macaroni & cheese, steamed asparagus & zucchini, tomato slices
7. fettuccine with portabello marinara sauce, garden salad, garlic toast
Hope everyone has a brilliantly blessed week!


  1. What a fantastic menu! The BBQ black eyed pea enchiladas sound especially intriguing. You always have some really creative and delicious meals on your plan. Do you make them up? Source them from cookbooks? Blogs?

    Happy cooking!

  2. Wow--your menu looks great! I also find that I don't always stick to the day by day planning, but will generally hold true to the meals planned over the week. The only exception being if I know one dish will work particularly well on a certain evening b/c of extenuating circumstances.