Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week. Ours has been somewhat busy. We went to my father's house for a visit just to unwind, hubby's uncle passed away. Dad lives by the lake on the side of a mountain in SE Oklahoma. It was very, very nice. The Collin helped him mow and weed eat, Joseph caught frogs and chased butterflies, and Kody helped thin out the iris'. Since the boys and hubby aren't vegetarians, hubby and dad took the boys on their first fishing trip! I wasn't too sure about that, however it was their choice.

Collin wasn't too sure at first about how he felt; baiting the hook with a worm wasn't bad. But when Kody caught the first fish and he was a little unsettled about the hook hurting the fish when it began to bleed. However, that guy thing kicked in he couldn't let his brother out do him. Joseph just liked casting and collecting rocks and such. All in all they liked it and want to do it again. Dad had a fish fry -I had a Riblet sandwich. Now we are at home and this is what on the menu this week-

Monday – BBQ black eyed peas & rice, seasoned greens, red cabbage & apples, herb roasted potatoes

Tuesday – buttered fettuccini with vegan parmesan & black olives, lemon dill green beans
Wednesday - shepherd's pie, spinach salad, bread & strawberry jam

Thursday- Spinach Enchiladas, Spanish rice

Friday – BBQ vegan meatballs, scalloped potatoes, Brussels sprouts
Saturday – tacos, pinto beans

Sunday – red pepper & tomato pizza, garden salad

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  1. Your menus always sound so savory and just full of flavor - I can taste this one as I read it!