Sunday, February 27, 2011

We May Be Down But a Rebirth is Around the Corner

This month has been very trying and tiring. Beginning January 30 the health of this household has spiraled down, down, down. The flu was going around at church and Collin (age12) was the first to catch the "little buggers" and bring them home.  Then on the 8th we received a phone call from our youngest daughter - our only grand daughter was in the hospital in ICU with RSV (a respiratory infection that can kill babies). Emma is 15 months old. Her son Baylyn (age8) would come stay with us  - he has the flu. 

The following week Joseph (age8) came down with the flu and ended up in the emergency room - he has infection in both of his ears. Nobody is sleeping. It's the second week in February and Emma is  finally getting better and might get to go home in the morning. Then Ashley calls in the morning the baby is running high fever again and they are icing her down. She's back on oxygen and having problems breathing. After testing she has contracted the flu while in the hospital. No one is sleeping. February 13 my head is killing me and I can hardly drag myself out of bed. But there is a silver lining here - really. We have been having large amounts of snow and below wind chills so hubby wasn't able to work. Normally we would look at this as a bad thing - no work means no money right?

Just so happens we has our taxes done the last week in January - early for us - our refund has been a great relief. The Lord knows what we need and when we need it. Hubby is at home while I spend the next two days in bed, however, being a mom once I am able to gain my bearings I'm up and about. Collin is back to normal so we sent him over to stay with mom so he doesn't get sick again. Baylyn is croopy but feeling better. Emma is on the mend. Joseph is still in the bed.

The week end of the third week Emma gets to go home and Baylyn is right as rain amd missing his mom and little sister - so he gets to go home. Joseph is feeling better and I'm still dragging around feeling one day good, two days bad. Hubby has gone back to work. I know but I just can't land yet. Kody is running fever (age14) so he comes home from mom's, it is the 23rd. He's down but this week he's getting better. During the day mom has Joseph and Collin with her and I take naps off an on during the day . I never knew I could sleep so much. I don't know if its the flu or I'm just plain bone tired.

We've purchased a ton of meds and made pots & pots of chicken soup, chicken & noodles, and drank gallons orange juice. Today is February 27 and the boys have been asking about school. The snow is gone like it never existed and the weather is in the 60's next week the 70's. We Missed Candlemas, Valentine's Day, Church and Rangers, and the boys a weekend camp out. But we're looking forward to  St. Patrick's Day dinner, the first day of spring, and Baylyn, Emma and my birthday party dinner.  We are truly looking forward to this years rebirth. Oh, as usual hubby has yet to show a sign of anything!

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