Sunday, November 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Hope everyone had a great week. Ours went pretty nice. The boys seemed to get along all week not fights -YEA! If you got all boys you know how rare this is. The oldest two attended a hunting & gun safety class over the weekend with their Rangers group and the youngest stayed over with my oldest son and his kids.  I did some reading, The Poison Diaries. It's a twisted tale about poisonous plants and hubby put a new sink in mom's kitchen. We also did our once a month grocery shopping. Tonight its Jurassic Park and Eragon DVDs and popcorn! This last week has really been laid back - very pleasant. Here's what we are munching on this week~

oatmeal with walnuts & chopped figs, peppermint tea (x2)
potato cakes, sausages, orange slices
cinnamon chocolate chip pancakes, hot tea
apple pie bars, milk
toad in the hole, pumpkin juice (x2)

feta pea and egg cups, banana, bread & jam
spaghetti with spicy peanut sauce, pineapple chunks
veggie pastries, baked apple
curly fries with chili
peanut butter & jelly, apple slices (x2)
fish cakes with tartar sauce, Bavarian sauerkraut, roll

beef roast, potatoes, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes (use extra veggies in pastries)
Italian bean soup, rye bread & jam
baked pumpkin pasta, mixed greens salad, rolls
baked potato bar- sour cream , chili, green onions, cheddar and small green salad
lemon & herb roasted chicken, roasted new potatoes, steamed broccoli
Italian gravy on biscuits, roasted parsnips & carrots
winter pear, apple & butternut soup garden salad, rolls

Have a brilliantly blessed week and don't forget to pop on over to Organized Junkie for more meal ideas.

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