Sunday, October 3, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

My, my but it seem to be cooling off in our neck of the woods quicker than I expected. The days have been heavenly and the nights cool, however the last couple of nights have been down right chilly with a capital ILLY! Who would of thought just two weeks ago it was in the 90's and the air conditioner was on and today I put up the light summer quilts and got out the down comforters. Tomorrow hubby is planning on cleaning out the heating stoves and connecting them, so when the time comes they will be on the ready! Not complaining mind you because I love the autumn cool down but usually it takes longer to get here, the week of Halloween or after.  Menu making has turned definitely to the stewing pot on the stove this week and pumpkin of course. We have missed its presence in the supermarket since last year.

pumpkin muffins, hot cocoa
toad in the hole, applesauce
steel cut oats with raisins & walnuts, orange slices (x2)
pumpkin wafflespumpkin waffles, banana
rice pudding, pear, hot tea
biscuits & gravy, banana

peanut butter & jelly, carrot sticks (x2)
grilled cheese, tomato soup
egg salad with crackers, apples,
ramen noodles, cheese stick, orange slices
vegetarian vegetable soup, rolls
macaroni & cheese, celery & carrot sticks, apple

Granny's easy chili, mixed greens salad, cornbread (made the chili with no meat and doubled it to use on the taco salads later in the week)
baked pork chops, scalloped potatoes, peas & corn
hamburgers, french fries
taco salad
beef stroganoff, roasted parsnips & carrots, french green beans
vegetarian Irish stew, Irish soda bread, pumpkin pie
Ratatouille on polenta, seasoned greens

Hope everyone has a brilliantly blessed week.

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