Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Treat 2010

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker ~ ah, yes, the things of fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Well around here things have taken a rather deliciously morbid twist and there is no candlestick maker involved in this tale. We have the baker, the barber who become the butchers ~ ah, yes, the things of dark, dank and creepy and a whole lot of sinister smiles. For your Halloween pleasure come along on our journey with Mr. Sweeney Todd & Mrs. Nellie Lovett.

Last night we embarked on an adventure that gave everyone definite ooh and aw moments along with cringes and "How can they do that!" excitement as we watched Sweeney Todd starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter .What made this so different for us is that we don't care for musicals, however, this isn't your typical musical - our taste for the macabre and morbid far out weighted that problem. From the first we were drawn into the story of poor Mr. Todd. This is definitely our number one favorite for this years TV countdown. To be honest we have watched it twice!

One thing has lead to another in conversations of this mysterious serial killer of old London and we wanted to know more and here is what we found out-

Sweeney Todd was one of those morbid tales you tell your wicked children to keep them in line that became a full blown Urban Legend. As a matter of fact for about 150 years of London's history people thought he was in fact a real living person, however it has been long since proved to not the case. Sweeney Todd was in fact a character from The String of Pearls: A Romance by Thomas Perskett Prest in 1846. It was originally published in a Penny dreadful for its morbid thrills.

Now if you are interested in a non-human variety of delicious English meat pie recipe I would suggest you pop in on to The Brass Sisters and pass by Mrs. Lovett's shop altogether. I' just saying - know what I mean? Don't forget to click on the String of Pearls : A Romance above for a free download able copy of the the original book by Thomas Perskett Prest.

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  1. This was erally interesting. The first time I saw this musical I did not have a clue what it was about. It was an eye opener. But I also have watched it over and over.
    And loved where they used it in the movie Jersey Girl.