Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vintage Hankies

This is a birthday card that my great grandmother(Mildred) & grandfather(Bert) gave to her mother as a present.

 Inside was enclosed two hankies. These have remained folded up in the card and never used. The card and hankies were given to Mildred when her mother passed away, to my grandmother (Lola) when her mother passed away, and to me when she passed away.

The remaining collection are various hankies that were acquired the same way - from mother to daughter and so on. These were the used every day hankies. My great grandmother and grandmother would never be
caught without their hankies.

One in the pocket of their sweater or jacket and one in their purse. My great grandmother use to tie up my lunch money in the corner of a hankie for me to take to school when I was in kindergarten and first grade. She also kept special treasures in them.

Once she took me to her bedroom for a surprise she had bought me and reaching into her top dresser drawer she pulled out a folded hankie. Unfolding it she held it in front of me with its wonderful offering. It was the resting place for a "Cinderella" watch!

Now that may not sound like a big deal, however, I had just seen the New Disney release of Cinderella. I'm talking about the first time ever here. I was four years old and it was a very BIG deal back then. It had a woven cloth band in yellow and the face was simply numbred in black and had the pink lettering of Cinderella.

A place to keep treasures was an old woman's hankie.

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