Friday, June 19, 2009

Gifts From My Husband

Today I'd like to share gifts from my husband or otherwise titled When Will I Learn to Keep My Thought to Myself. One night I couldn't sleep and my darling hubby found me cleaning the house at 2:00am and I made the off hand comment that a donut sure would be good .
Later I went back to bed and woke to find everyone gone. This is what came through the door.
"You said you wanted donuts."
Joseph thought it was a good idea. "Okay, I'll have one, Oh what the heck I'll have another for the other hip."
One day I was told my husband that I though wolves were one of God's most beautiful creatures and I thought the boys needed a dog. Those are two things a woman should never say together! He came home late one night from work with BEAR a wolf /malamute mix. A guy he works with raises wolves - who knew. She grew into a beautiful silver gray and black color, was gentle and loving, ate salmon twice a week and the boys adored her , however she was huge. When she jumped up on her hind legs she was taller than my husband who is 6'2" and she was only 8 months old. Needless to say for the boys safety the man my hubby had gotten her from gladly took her back. Bear's mother a silver wolf had recently been ran over.
Three years ago on Christmas eve we were sitting about the house not doing much and the boys were at my mum's helping set up for dinner. Hubby and I were watching The Incredible Journey. You got it, here we go again! Me and my big mouth - I found myself at the animal shelter and we brought home Charlie Bug a Black Lab/Dachshund mix. This has been the most wonderful dog you could ever meet - the perfect pet for the family. I guess sometimes he gets it right.
Last year I mentioned how I hated the plight of chickens in factory farming and wished I had hens of my own. Hubby began piddling around the back yard for the week end and came up with hen house - went to the Flea Market and came home with five pullets.
We now have the Buttercup Ladies. Aren't they lovely?
Now this little lady I never asked for it was just a heartfelt effort from a very loving husband. Last February - Koko my cat of fourteen years passed away. She was my constant companion to read with, computer with, scrapbook with, she sleep on top of my feet at night and kept them warm, she poked me with her nose in the morning to wake up and best of all she was house broken like a dog - no litter box in the house.
How we have Grace. I have forgotten how small a kitten can be or how curious. I must admit I'm not attaching to this lovely creature but the boys and Charlie Bug love her to death. I'll just take me some time if you know what I mean. Oh it doesn't end here I just don't have any photos of the latest - me and my big mouth popped put with wouldn't it be nice to get the boys a rabbit! So two weeks ago we got Lucy- a beautiful black bunny. I must admit I love this one. Maybe I need to ask for flowers and candy.
Update as of February 2010: My daughter wanted a cat so we let her have Grace when she moved into her new home. In September Charlie Bug twisted his back and ended up with nerve damage with pain that couldn't be managed and left him paralyzed in the back end so he had to be put down. New Years Eve 1999 a couple of loose dogs that had been wondering our neighborhood got into our backyard and killed the Buttercup ladies. So things have been very sad around here.

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