Sunday, June 14, 2009

That Boys Innards!

Last week the boys finished up their Human Body study. Kody used Sonlight Science 5 that we ordered and he finished in 17 weeks. He read all but the History of Medicine and Dry Bones and Fossils. Which didn't surprise me. When we did Core 1 when he was in third grade and Collin in Kindergarten we blazed through it finishing in 20 weeks. Seemed pretty pricey for only half a year curriculum so we didn't order again until this January. It seemed a better fit for him starting Junior High since he is now an independent learner.

Anyway back to That Boy's Innards - the younger boys followed along with Kody using books on their levels the past few weeks.

 As a review I had them draw their younger brother on the chalkboard and color in and label the body parts.

This was their official finished boy's innards.

Joseph looked at the pictures in What Happens to a Hamburger after I read it to him. Kody read The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body aloud to the boys. Joseph was really impressed with the 25 feet of the intestines in the adult body.

He had to get the tape measure and marked it out across the schoolroom and living room floors with chalk.

Caught Joseph explaining to Grace (our new kitten) how the food works its way through his body.

Kody finished up his reading

and so did Collin

then they both copied the labeled boy from the board onto paper for their science notebook.

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