Sunday, January 2, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

This last week has been filled with the last preparations of the beginnings of our new school year - we home school year round from January through December. That half a year here and the other half the following year drives me nuts! Well, the solstice saw us getting venison (deer) for the freezer and New Year's we received ducks for the freezer. Organic meat for free!! Hey, it gets me excited. My hubby's partner at work is a single young man who lives by himself and loves to hunt and fish on his off time.  Last summer he gave us a ton of fish. He even cleans and dresses out the meat for us, can't beat that. We tried buying organic meats , however our budget just couldn't handle it for very long. This has really been a blessing to us. We have found organic ground beef for a decent price actually it's only about a forty cent a pound difference. Needless to say our New Year's Dinner was changed to grilled duck breasts, sweet potato casserole and French peas (that's just a fancy name for buttered peas with a sprinkle of nutmeg in them). Our menu this week is the following~

boiled egg and cinnamon toast, happy honey bee tea
pumpkin breakfast cookies, hot cocoa (x2)
oatmeal with walnuts & golden raisins, spiced apple cider (x2)
pancakes with bananas, hot cocoa
toad in a hole, peppermint tea

macaroni & cheese, carrot sticks
black bean quesadillas
peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, apple slices (x2)
tomato basil soup, cheese toast
spaghetti with spicy peanut sauce

Pouched eggs & sauteed spinach on toast, fried potatoes & onions
Granny's Salisbury steak, rice, buttered corn, steamed Brussels sprouts
cauliflower & smoked cheese soup; smoked cheddar soup, rye bread & butter, green salad
kedgeree, crusty bread & butter
veggie pizza, garden salad
shredded beef tacos, pineapple-banana-mandarin orange salad

Have a brilliantly blessed week!

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