Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Wild Nest

For the last few weeks we have been watching this little male house finch pick about the yard for food and listening to him sing every night for a mate. If you are not familiar with this tiny bird you are missing out. The male has a beautiful song that he sings in the middle of the night from about 2:00 am until sunrise for a mate. The first few years I heard this little bird I didn't know what to think. I sleep with my bedroom window open at night and it was constantly waking me up. I didn't know what it was so we called it the singing night bird. Then one night we had to search it out. So with flash lights in hand we went looking and found a small house finch on the branch of our pecan tree singing away. It simply amazed me and this week the tiny bird amazed me even further. Get a gander of their nest under the eves of the vacant house next door. Needless to say he no longer sings and has found his mate!

At present we have around our home a pair of nesting pigeons, a pair of starlings, and a pair of sparrows, and robins however their nests seem the average just different sizes. But this nest takes the cake in our book, what an architectural wonder with the long vines. Never have we ever seen this in nest building before. We just can't wait for the little ones to pop their heads out once they are hatched.

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