Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Spring

Happy Spring Everyone!! I'm not really sure how the weather is holding out where you live but the bottom fell out of the bucket here in Oklahoma. Yesterday it was a gorgeous spring day. The temperature was 70 degrees not a cool breeze blowing. The boys were riding their bikes off and on most of the day and playing soccer. I was cleaning off the front porch, cleaning out the herb cauldron and the begonia pots. Although I knew this was coming - you know the weather man isn't always right, however this time he was.

Last night around 7:00 the wind began blowing and turned cold. Freezing rain began falling around midnight and changed over to snow and its still snowing and is to continue until noon tomorrow. The winds are blowing 45-65 miles an hour. At present it is 28 degrees. So for our spring celebration we have buckled down and huddled up sort-of-speak.
Baylyn is spending the weekend with us so all the boys have been crafting, playing the play station & Wii and watching Dennis the Menace, the Beverley Hillbillies (the boys got a hillbillies thing- go figure) and the Brave 300 . I put a pot of Veggie Irish Stew in the oven for dinner and to help heat the house. I know it wasn't on my menu but its cold folks. Snagged a bag of Oreos at the grocery yesterday for snacking tonight. Kody walked across the street to spend the night with mom. I've been reorganizing my blogs with all this indoor time and hubby has been watching TV and catching up on his sleep. His hours at work have picked up and he's been run ragged. So its been a final celebration of winter rest and family.

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