Saturday, March 20, 2010

Natural Cleaning and Bath Products

In 1992 when my oldest daughter was 13 she began having horrible reactions to various soaps, lotions, shampoos, etc. She would get things from rashes to hives, breathing problems and even ending up in the emergency room getting cortisone shots for the reactions. It was at that time I began researching what was actually in our cleaning and personal care products. I was shocked at the low to no standards at all that the government had and still does allow. I realized the true quality of what was used in our lives was up to me. So I begin reading and researching where ever I could to get a grasp on this monster.

True I could simply purchase natural products from a Health Food Store ready made, however the price made it near impossible for this to be a steady reality in our lives. Over time I learned it was much more economical to simply buy up the supplies make my own and not only was it cheaper in the long run, it lasted longer. We always had what we needed at hand.

A gallon of non petroleum based liquid soap could be used for bubble bath and body shampoo as well as for dish washing, floor cleaning and in all purpose cleaner. Basically anything that you needed to wash you could use this - even the dog. It was safe didn't cause and allergic reactions and cleaned like a dream! Then there was the essential oils you could add for scent and aromatherapy reasons.

So I made base recipes for various things and created different blends to suit whatever purpose I needed or wanted. the based consisted of soaps, body shampoos, bubble baths, dusting powders, bath salts, fizzing bath powders, bath oils, body scrubs, herbal bath teas, milk baths, floral baths, bath vinegars, hair rinse infusions, facial cleansers, facial toners, facial masks, foot baths, message oils, hand & body creams and butters, colognes and after shaves even dog shampoo, ear oil, and flea powder, etc. You get it, it goes on for ever it seems.


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