Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Day It Got Quiet

The other day I was cleaning house and I suddenly noticed that the house was SILENT! You know the quiet when everybody is involved in something and usually with three boys it never turns out good. I began going from room to room - if I call out to them they would all scatter. This is what I found: the three of them were so engrossed in a website I found for them about dinosaurs. I forgot I had left it on earlier before they got up to make notes for our dinosaur study. This occupied them for the entire morning.

Here we are again with the all favorite coffee dough making volcanoes.

Latter in the afternoon Joseph finally got to his gumdrops and toothpicks project he kept yapping about after seeing it on the Flipflops and Applesauce Blog. He's building single story and two story houses.

Be warned if you try this at home - it's sugary good fun but messy. Sticky, sticky, sticky.

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