Monday, September 22, 2008

Pumpkin Carving 2007


Here I am with my clan - that's my youngest daughter and her son on the left. If you've been to my other blog you know the rest of my boys. After the Halloween dinner has been eaten, the cake sliced, and the presents opened we all go outside for pumpkin carving.

Baylyn is digging out those seeds.

As usual Collin puts on his yucky face over the slimy old pumpkin guts as he calls it.

Kody is in full concentration for this project.
Last year we purchased star and bat cookie cutters to use on the pumpkins. Joseph is giving it a good bang and punch.

This is my mom wondering if Collin's ever going to get the yucky pumpkin guts out of the Crazy thing.

I'll admit the boys aren't Michelangelo, however they can create a group of unusual, ugly creeps.

Koko is totally unimpressed with the festivities and snoozes on.

Charlie Bug thought it was a howling good time.

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