Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nature Study In The Fast Lane

I guess before I start typing away I should let you know about our boys Kody is 12, Collin is 10 - our ADHD child and Joseph is 5 and we are grand parents raising our grandsons. They are all brothers.  Hubby and I brought each one home from the hospital to live with us and later we were given guardianship of each of them until they reach legal age.

Today was very eventful for the older boys, however Joseph seemed more into to prospect of catching bugs as ususal. He is definately going to grow into an entomologist. This child has been catching every creepy, crawly thing he has found since before he could walk. I had hoped he's out grow this, however, it seems to grow more intense as time goes on. I'm just thankful he hasn't picked up anything dangerous beyond a honey bee, yes he has been know to catch them with his bare hands, too! We try to keep an ever growing supply of "bug boxes " for him (empty Florida Crystals sugar containers). This week we did make a wonderful nature study with the White Sphnix Moth Caterpillar (aka. Tomato Horn Worm) that he found. There was a great section in our Handbook of Nature Study.

The boys really found this facinating for a change. Last year I couldn't get them interested enough for nature study and journaling. So this truly took me by surprise. All three listened as I read about the caterpillar from the book and asked questions. Joseph surprised me by remembering the most from the reading and gave his older brothers a disgusted look when they couldn't answer what he thought was so easy. Like I stated, he is a budding entomologist. We have also done studies on the praying mantis, pill bugs, ants, grass hoppers, earthworms, Monarch and Black Swallowtail Butterflies.

I am hoping to get to a deacent study of fish (we now have 3 tanks full of live berers- this lovely project started with 3 little fish), an indepth study of birds, beyond birdwatching ( We have 5 backyard chickens which Joseph thinks are as good as the cat to snuggle with and has named them all Buttercup Ladies), a cat (KoKo), a dog (Charlie Bug) and Hermit crabs (we have 5).

You always hear the expression "Boys and their Toys", well, our boys aren't much into toys and never have been but if it creeps, crawls, flys, swims, and runs and is of the amimal (non-human) variety. They will catch it, save money to buy it, or request it for a gift. These were the boys that for the last two years I have had to pratically beg to do Nature Study. Now it lives on our doorstep, in our living room, in their bed room (and sometime under the bed), in the laundry room - well you get the picture.

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