Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dream Banner

One day I was sitting in my bedroom looking at the blank wall above the bed. I began wondering what I could do with this space. First you have to know I'm one of those people when I see a blank space on the wall or flat surface I just have to "fix it", now empty space is safe. Honestly, I couldn't think of a thing - so it was time to dig through old magazines and books for inspiration. I ran across an article in an old Victoria magazine on women entrepreneurs. One of the items one woman sold was various wooden letter to hang on the wall to spell out whatever - hum. My brain flew from there and I came up with a "DREAM" banner. Now I needed a way to hang it. Rummaging through my boxes, drawers, cedar chest, and bags of tricks I found some vintage glass doorknobs (these were salvaged from the old doors we replaced in our house and I haven't hung them yet). Well, there you have it - oh my mom gave me the set of oriental women plates, the sequenced handbag was from the thrift shop. I'm in the process of making another to hang over the large mirror over the fireplace mantel in " Joy". Goes to show you that the best idea come when board, day dreaming or in the middle of the night when you can' t sleep and are staring at the ceiling. Then you know how it is - you jump up and get going and drag through the next day.

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