Monday, April 25, 2011

BBQ Burgers & Onion Rings

Last week this was Kody's pic for making dinner. BBQ Burgers, OMG Onion Rings and slaw.

Let me tell you about these onion rings OMG doesn't even begin to cover it. These little delights are beyond yummy! A definite must try for anyone.

Our whole wheat bread crumbs were from our freezer. We keep the crumbs from the slicing of our homemade breads and ends - boys aren't much for the large crusty ends of bread. His onion rings had a slight cinnamon taste (from our Who Bread) to them that added to the sweetness of the onions - very delicious.

The whole process didn't take long, however it was a bit messy - the boys love messy projects!

This was a great dinner. For the BBQ Burgers - Collin threw Boca burgers on the grill and basted them with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce each time he turned them. The burger toppers were mixed baby greens, radish sprouts, and tomato slices. The slaw was store bought. This turned out so great we having a repeat of it (well almost) this week but we're having Black Eyed Pea Burgers, OMG Onion Rings, Potato Salad. I want to start trying different "burger" mixtures so we can get away from Boca & Morning Star Farms.

This is where you can find the OMG Onion Ring Recipe.

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