Sunday, December 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Do hope everyone is doing well at this busy time of the year. Life has been filling our lives fully so I haven't been posting. One week was down with a cold, the next my uncle who lived with my mother passed away, the following week was Thanksgiving dinner for the family- thankfully we have finished up school for the year and plans for the next are already laid out. Did get a spot of wonderful news this week. Our oldest son and his wife are going to have a baby - that will give them 5 and us and even 10 grandchildren. It's hard to belive that it was just hubby and me thrity-three years ago!

So the plan is just Christmas  for the next three weeks. We have all our shopping done except for one person. Planning to put up the tree this week and do some baking. Now about the baking - My mom and the boys went to Braum's for ice cream the other night and they were putting out  fresh bananas. My mother made the off hand remark that they should make them down in stead of throwing them away to one of the boys. The salesman asked her if she was interested. She asked what the price was and he asked,"How about $2.00?" She said, "I'll Take them!" Now this is a woman who doesn't cook much and bakes even less. Guess who ended up with a large brown grocery bag filled to the top with speckled bananas! So I peeled, sliced, froze and bagged up all the bananas to use in smoothies and baking. I only had to toss out three that were mashed and had holes poked in them. I ended up with 3-one gallon freezer bag full. I was amazed at how many sliced bananas could fit into a freezer bag! The boys and I figured out that 13 slices equal one banana for recipes.

rice pudding, hot cocoa
banana muffins, hot tea (x2)
toad in a hole, applesauce
oatmeal with walnuts & figs, hot tea (x2)
peanut butter on toast, banana, hot cocoa

veggie fried rice
grilled cheese sandwich, carrot, celery sticks with ranch dip
Leftover Irish stew, soda bread
baked sweet potatoes, ants on a log
Leftover ziti, orange slices
peanut butter & Jelly sandwich, apple slices (x2)

beans, fried potatoes, spinach, cornbread
feta & pea egg cups, herb roasted potatoes & carrots, bread & jam
baked fish, fried okra, french style peas, seasoned greens
Irish stew, soda bread
ziti, garden salad, garlic toast
creamed turkey on biscuits, roasted parsnips & butternut squash
chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans

Have a brilliantly blessed week.

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