Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat 2009

The highlight of this years Halloween celebration, it was Emma's very first!!! So our little pumpkin went as a pumpkin.Collin cut the mask out of Kody's old screaming ghost costume and painted his face. Kody turned 13 this year and thought he was too old for trick or treat so he went to visit his granny.

Joseph is sure getting his dollars worth out of Collin's old pirate costume from Dollar Tree. He wanted to be a pirate again - go figure - it's year three for the crazy costume.

Baylyn wanted to be a fancy painted face vampire.

So we are off with Amber (a cousin)pushing Emma in the stroller to collect candy and see the sights. As you can see Our little pumpkin isn't impressed with anything except her nighttime meal.

Along the way we saw scary pumpkins

and friendly pumpkins. The weather was wonderful, the crowd was great, the candy was delicious, and the memories are forever.

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