Saturday, October 10, 2009

Halloween Party 2004

This was one of our simpler parties, in our early years there were a few and as time went on they became more festive and involved.

The menu is Swamp Stew, bone bit, chocolate spider cake, spooky gingerbread house, witches hat cookies, and crunchy eyeballs.
Swamp Stew is just a basic home made stew.
Bone Bits are crackers.
Chocolate Spider Cake is a single layer 9-inch round cake and a ding dong with chocolate frosting, twizzler legs and peanut M&M eyes.
Spooky Gingerbread House was a box kit from Michael's Craft Store.
Witches Hat Cookies are flat chocolate covered cookies with a Hershey's kiss glued in the middle with left over frosting.
Crunchy Eyeballs are rice krispy treats shaped into a ball and a flat M&M poked in the middle.

Joseph is a BIG 2 this year. I know the cake looks horrid and I suppose it should it is a Halloween birthday party and Joseph wanted a spider cake - the boy likes bugs but YUCK!!

His one and only want and wish a Barney.

Baylyn and Ashley seemed to be having fun. Hey, that's that Candy Thief!!!

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