Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain

Okay, enough with the rain dance little man!! We have had 18 days of straight rain. The plants are loving it.

 The white peonies are blooming away.

The pink ones are too, however they are taking a beating.

Our little lemon tree is putting out this years fruit.

Its even popping up new blossoms everywhere. Oh, it does smell dreamy.

But on the serious side - today we had some sunshine but it began raining again tonight. The boys and I grabbed at the chance to get out in the muggy sunshine and went to the library to get study material for the next two weeks, picked up meds at the pharmacy, visited April where we got onion set to put out. Then we came home and watched Prince Caspian, Papa came home, we made tacos for dinner, Collin fixed the tire on his little brother's bike, Kody & Joseph went to spend the night with granny, Collin worked three more pages of math and then it started to rain and thunder again. Another all night down pour.

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