Sunday, October 12, 2008

Trick or Treat 2007

The night begins in the afternoon with the donning of the ceremonial garb and face paint. This pirate costume (vest, pants, and scarf) was only a $1.00 and we added the hat, eye patch, and sword for another $1.00 all from Dollar Tree. What makes this even a better deal is that our youngest is going to use the same costume this year. How's that for a $2.00 dollar costume.

This little grim reaper was also a $2.00 jewel.

This guy - I got no idea where he came from! Okay, this is the hubby that I'm always yapping about on my other blogs.

This is my youngest daughters son. I just grabbed an old sheet and snipped it up for a ghostly effect.

This Scream costume was purchased on ebay for a big $5.00 and this year our pirate is going to re-wear it.

Here are some of the neighborhood houses that we visit each year. We've got a great area for children to trick or treat - its rows of houses were all the neighbors decorate their houses and sit on the porches and give out candy. It's lots of fun!

Once we get home everybody does the candy bag dump and we give it the once over. Once the boys get the Okay they begin trading candy they don't like for what they do. I always take all the jawbreakers and toss then to the trash. I have this thing about jaw breakers and kids choking on them. I think this just carried over from when they were smaller, anyway everybody just automatically takes them out and gives them to me.

Then we light the fire pit, sit around it and munch away and discuss what we saw and how spooky cool everything was. And reference somethings on paper for the next years Halloween - now where did I put that paper?

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