Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sandbox Counting

Last weekend we went to the thrift shop and Joseph found a bag full of plastic eggs he bought for 25 cents. He's a big spender!! He is learning the value of the money by earning and spending his own. He does chores for granny which she pays him in return. Last week he helped his brothers mow the grass and he earned $3.00.

I asked him what he wanted to do with all his eggs (now that our hens are laying full force now he has an obsession with eggs and birds) he said, "I'm going to play with then in the sandbox, have egg hunts and fake the chickens out by putting them in their nests."

Well, I had to have him take them out of the nesting boxes because one of our Buttercup Ladies kept sitting and sitting on a couple of the crazy things. Bless her heart, she was trying to hatch them. He and the boy next door, grabbed a couple of our baskets and took turns hiding and hunting eggs until dark a couple of nights.

Today I was sitting outside while he was playing in his sandbox and he began making little houses in a rows and counting them. Each time he made a new one he would say, " I had eight little houses and I made one more and now I have nine. Isn't that cool ?" He worked his way up to twelve, adding as he went.

Then he wanted me to check to see if he spelled his name correctly, sometimes he puts his e before the s. But today it looks like he did a great job! you never know where a kid will go with a 25 cent bag of eggs.

Then it was time for a little snackie (this kid has a built in clock that goes off every day at 3:00), his choice today was dill pickle chips and dry Autumn Wheat Squares.

All right he's got a little snackie, he's kicked back and what else would a person watch but ----

Curious George.

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