Monday, December 1, 2008

We Are Off And Rolling

Today began with a drag. The long Thanksgiving weekend and colder weather left us a tad bit off kilter. The boys are coming down with colds and laying around. The pump went out on the washing machine. The leg broke off the boys bed frame. What to do, what to do? I whipped out three bags of fresh cranberries, some fishing line and needles.

The boys strung cranberries to drape the fireplace mantle. We read our first Christmas countdown book- Snowie Rollie. I made a pan of Chocolate Chip Pan Cookies - yummy. Then we put a small bag of santas that Joseph was wagging around on the tree to finish it off, we put up our tree on Thanksgiving night every year. Collin is itching to put the lights on the house but since he has a cold and the weather is yucky I told him we'd try to give it a go this coming weekend. Tonight we watched Shriek's Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Can't wait until next Monday - A Charlie Brown Christmas will be on - it's my favorite Christmas Cartoon.

Hubby brought in the mail today when he came home from work and we received a couple of seed catalogs. He's in awe over the tremendous variety of tomatoes. We are planning on putting in nice vegetable garden in the spring for freezing and canning next year. Don't you just love the slower pace of the cold season? Just cozy back with a hot cup of tea (or coffee in hubby case) with a magazine or book, a fire in the fire place, kids on the floor in front of it drawing pictures or playing checkers and all's right with the world even when it seems to go wrong.

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