Sunday, February 12, 2017

When God Gives You A New Life

It's been a long time since my last post (years!!) in the Autumn of 2013 things that were beyond out control began happening like a snowball rolling down hill that totally changes our lives from the ground up. We began going through so many changes that left our lives filled with so much uncertainty of where life was taking us that we couldn't find our footing. Hubby and the older boys took it in stride day by day, however the youngest and I both went through very hard and emotional changes the last few years. But with the support of a loving husband and my beautiful mother everything finally fell into place for everyone. Now our lives are actually better than before. Life is good. So it here that I am able to breathe and begin again writing about our life's continuing journey

First I'd like to let you know of the changes to the blog (since some of you still come here for recipes) the new recipes will be gluten free. I will be keeping a link for the old recipes and all 2013 and older Monday Menus may or may not contain gluten. I was diagnosed with Celiac in November 2013. We have a new house to call home (hubby's company closed, lost job, and in the end lost our home of 19 years). My disabled mother lives with us and we care for her. Remember we were grandparents raising our grandsons, and still are but upon finishing high school in 2015 Collin (18) went to live with his mother. Kody (20) and Joseph (14) still live with us and Joseph is the only one that I am still home schooling, he's in 8th grade.

I am truly glad to be posting again with old friends and eagerly welcoming many new ones. Blessings Belinda.

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