Sunday, February 12, 2017

What I Eat & Drink

I've been asked by a couple of people what whole food do I eat and what is my drink of choice.

First on the table is that I am Celiac. So what I eat will be different than some people and even those with in my own household. I eat whole foods, that is anything that isn’t processed, packaged or boxed as much as humanly possible - fresh  fruits and vegetables, organic/grass fed meats/ wild game, organic eggs( I really, really like my eggs), wild caught fish, gluten free grains/flours - sorghum, brown rice, quinoa, cornmeal (no oats- my digestive system can’t handle them), nut butters, maple syrup and local honey, olive and coconut oils. Everything is made from scratch at home. Once you have experienced the pain of being Celiac for ten years without relief you are not daring not walk down that road again from mislabeled products (most gluten free processed foods have oats in them) or cross contamination from food handlers. Oops, got off track there.  

I have been known to eat an Amy’s gluten free frozen dinner in a pinch when the rest of the family eats out because I don’t. Also I do keep a box of some type of gluten free cereal in the pantry for when I wake up at 3 am feeling peckish or Mary’s Gone Crackers to dip in hummus.  I don’t always buy organic produce because it depends on the quality of the produce and the that weeks budget. Because you can’t buy organic isn’t a reason not to eat healthy, purchasing non-organic is still better than buying processed anything. I purchase organic meat/wild caught salmon when on sale and stock up what I can afford. Wild game comes from a family friend and hubby and the young one keep us in fresh caught fish. In the summer I buy from the farmers market at OSU. I do my shopping at Aldi for their wonderful prices on their organic foods (eggs, milk, canned goods and such) and the rest at Sprouts Farmers Market. I don’t shop at Whole Foods because it is way and beyond my budget.

We are a family of 5 (and sometimes six when my grandson across the street comes over) ranging from 14 to 77 years old and I try to keep the budget any where from $125-$150 a week. All breakfasts, lunches and snacks are vegetarian and we eat meat for 3 dinners a week and 3 vegetarian, the 7the meal of the week is usually up for grabs because Friday I clean out the fridge. Always make a menu keeping it as simple as possible and stick to it. Anyway that’s the simple truth of it when it comes to food around here. The bottom line here is eat real food.

My drink of choice and everyone else in the house is filtered water. We have a cabinet filled with herbal teas and I will admit to the morning good old cuppa of PG Tips, with one spoon of sugar.  I can not start my day any other way, also when I’ve had a trying day.

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